Ensuring a good response

 Contrary to common belief, rather than on the sheer number of questions, the response rate of surveys depends on the confidence that employees have in the project.

But the most important of all; the survey must make sense to the employees (‘what is in it for me’) and they should trust that it will contribute to improvements at work.

“Why should I participate? Nothing will be done with it anyway. I’ve experienced that so many times before!”

How to regain confidence?

  • Address this type of negative reactions in a positive way by emphasizing that you will do things differently this time. Make clear that you understand the reservations that some people might have and make sure that you address these.
  • Be very clear and specific about the follow-up after the survey . What are the next steps and how will employees be involved and informed?
  • Emphasize the benefits of participating. What’s in it for me? This can be about receiving a personal report, having a voice, improving the working climate, etc.

Create dynamism

Create a buzz around participating in the project. Possibly even making it into a healthy competition? Especially the involvement of team managers is essential. Keep them well informed during the project about the response of their team and emphasise the importance of their personal involvement and encouragement of employees to participate.