H ow does it work?

The EnergyCompass Work Engagement and Health&Wellbeing follows a semi-automated process, in which speed, reliability, and care are central. The process is carried out for Triple i Human Capital, which has developed EnergyCompass. The process is described below.

1. Purchase Energy Compass and basic license payment

The process starts after EnergyCompass has been purchased and the basic licensing costs have been paid. The client receives an email with instructions and project files.

2. AVG processor agreement

One of the files is a processing agreement in which Triple i Human Capital and the client agree on which data will be exchanged and how data will be handled during the collaboration.

3. Sending “Energy Compass Project File”

The “EnergyCompass Project File” contains information about (1) the research group, (2) invitation text and start and end date and (3) desired analyzes and dashboards. This file forms the basis for the implementation of the project and is filled in by the client and sent to Triple i Human Capital.

4. Confirmation of planning and assignment from Triple i Human Capital

Based on the “EnergyCompass Project File”, Triple i Human Capital confirms the start and end date and the final order confirmation by email.

5. EnergyCompass is executed according to order

All participants of the research group will receive the invitation text on the desired date. The client receives an overview of the current response every week during the investigation period.

6. Delivery of dashboards and desired analyzes

After closing the investigation, the desired dashboards will be delivered within 48 hours. Desired analyzes are delivered according to the schedule from the order confirmation.

7. Final invoice and payment

The final invoice is drawn up and sent to the client based on the number of respondents, dasboards and analyzes.

8. Anonymization of data files

All research data will be anonymized 3 months after the closing of the investigation period. This means that the research data can no longer be traced back to individual participants.