Which stakeholders do you involve in EnergyCompass?



Role and task

Board Propagates the importance of the research in the perspective of the present (operation) and future (strategy). Encourages management to focus on the project and follow-up steps through a data-driven approach. Sets out policies in response to the project and communicates this back to employees in a personal manner. Has an initiating role in changing corporate culture (i.e., acting as a role model and leading by example)

Works Council Co-designs the project. Encourages employees to participate in the project and plays an active and constructive role, particularly in the impact phase (i.e., discussing results and planning follow-up actions). Acts as a sparring partner for the board regarding policy and culture change.

HR Co-designs the project. Liaises with service providers. Is responsible for managing support activities and services (such as training, education, occupational health and safety services). Acts as a sparring partner for the board regarding policy and culture change.  Proactively collects improvement initiatives from (the) line (management) and shares best practices with the rest of the organisation.

Occupational Health & Safety Service Acts as a “helpdesk” for employees and as advisory body for management. Provides, specific, additional services (e.g. consultation, company doctor, psychosocial check-up).

Management A few team managers take part in designing the project. Promotes the project among team members. Uses survey results to improve teamwork and team spirit, and to i support team members. Has an initiating role in the communicating the results of the survey, but is not in the lead as far as the content of action plans is concerned. This is a shared, collective responsibility of the team.

Communication Monitors execution of communication plan. Has an advisory and executive role in communicating the purpose and necessity of the project. Communicates the results and management plan to employees and activates employees and management to get started and stay on top of the plan.

Employees Participate in the survey, evaluate how they are doing and act if necessary (personal leadership). Are being aware that the project is for their own benefit.  Proactively and constructively design, plan and support the execution of the improvement plans in the workplace.

IT Facilitates the practical implementation of the survey (internet access and mail traffic)