We help people and organizations to be healthy and successful by optimizing their mental energy, adding value and being more productive.

We achieve this with smart, scientific tools that provide employees with the right insights to have an impact on mental energy. These tools nurture the dialogue between all stakeholders, enabling them to achieve impactful change. We support this process; using IT when possible, personally and involved when needed.



Making scientific knowledge from psychology practically applicable to increase the mental energy of employees.



Work can be burdensome, but also a great source of energy. If people experience a good balance in their work between demands and resources, they are able to successfully fulfill their role at work and beyond, while maintaining health.

About us

EnergyCompass is part of Triple i Human Capital, an international research and consultancy agency that strives to help you optimize the sustainable employability of your employees. Triple i was established to contribute to employee wellbeing and productivity.

Drs. Elco Schaufeli
Drs. Elco SchaufeliManaging Partner
Elco Schaufeli is an organizational consultant and has been working for more than 10 years on making the psychology of work practically applicable. He did this in various HR and occupational health roles.
Prof. dr. Wilmar Schaufeli
Prof. dr. Wilmar SchaufeliPartner en adviseur
Wilmar Schaufeli is leading professor of Work and Organizational Psychology. He has written over 500 articles and is among the top 1% most cited scientists in psychology. For the past few decades he has been researching burnout and enthusiasm for decades.

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