EnergyCompass Individual

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EnergyCompass Individual is ideal for gaining insight into the mental energy and its causers on an individual level. Widely used as a basis for targeted coaching and development. After payment you will immediately receive a link to the validated questionnaire. After completion, the report, including explanation and benchmark, is immediately available. Read more about the research topics and product specifications here.



Your mental health check-up

EnergyCompass is a scan that provides insight into the state of your mental energy and its drivers. Completing the online scan will take about 15 minutes. Immediately after completing the scan, you will receive a report with the results by email.

Developed by scientists

EnergyCompass is based on the scientifically renowned and evidence-based Job Demands – Resources Model and provides insight into levels of engagement and burnout. With as few questions as possible, EnergyCompass will give many relevant insights to individual employees and organisations on boosting engagement and preventing burnout.

Insight into your personal energy balance

The balance between stressors and job rsources is responsible for your mental energy. The report clearly shows both your job demands and resources and, as result, the state of your mental energy.

Special attention to personal resources

Energy Compass Individual also contains many personal resources. These are personal traits and skills that play a role in the way you deal with job demands and resources at work. Most personal resources can be increased.

Good to know

  • EnergyCompass Individual is available based on a single purchase.
  • Ideal for trainers and coaches to get started with their clientele.
  • Included in the report are the findings of the test, as well as an explanation and a comparison.
  • In the months after the test, you will receive additional information from Prof. Dr. Wilmar Schaufeli about employee engagement, sustainable employability and positive psychology.
  • In this way you benefit from all the advantages of the EnergyCompass Individual for months to come.
  • We recommend EnergyCompass Individual once every 6 months. You will receive a suitable offer from us in time after your first purchase.
  • Read more about the research themes and product specifications here.


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