10Tips for an EnergyCompass with real impact

  1. Invest in confidence: be clear and open about the purpose and process of the project. Emphasise that it is not just about the survey itself, but rather about improving the workplace based on survey results.
  2. Ensure proper planning and preparation. As the saying goes; this prevents poor performance!
  3. Involve all stakeholders and make sure they feel they can make an impact, especially the operational managers and team leaders.
  4. Aim for a good response, preferably at least 50%.
  5. Share the results of the survey as soon as possible.
  6. Management: be visible and share your views. What are your priorities? How do you feel about the project? What can be expected from you and what is expected from the others? Use a video clip!
  7. Let teams make their own decisions on follow-up actions. They have ownership on the results of the survey and are in the lead for taking the next steps.
  8. Be engaged and supportive. Don’t be judgmental.
  9. Support teams and managers to have a proper dialogue with employees
  10. Remember: it is not about working harder but about working smarter.