EnergyCompass Individual

The standard for your mental health.

EnergyCompass is a scan that provides insight into your mental condition. Completing the scan takes about 15 minutes. Immediately after completion, you will receive a report with the results by email. EnergyCompass has been developed on the Job Demands – Resources Model and provides insight into the enthusiasm and burnout of people and organizations, including the possible causes. With a few questions as possible, it delivers as many relevant and reliable insights as possible for people and organizations.


EnergyCompass Work Engagement

A fully-fledged work experience study

EnergyCompass Work Engagement has been developed by Prof. Wilmar Schaufeli and contains all the important psychosocial work environment characteristics. By using EnergyCompass Work Engagement, you obtain important information for a statutory EU risk assessment and Evaluation. Yet, EnergyCompass Work Engagement is even broader in scope. It not only includes risks, but also opportunities for growth and development of employees. Discover the most important drivers of work engagement in your organisation.


EnergyCompass Health&Wellbeing

An actionable Preventive Medical Examination.

Insight into well-being, health and risks and suitable as psychosocial screening. EnergyCompass Health&Wellbeing has been developed by professor Wilmar Schaufeli and contains the most important psychosocial and work environment risks for poor employee health and wellbeing. The information from EnergyCompass Health&Wellbeing can be used for an effective (preventive) health and safety policy.


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