EnergyCompass Health&Wellbeing

750.00 excl. VAT (incl. VAT: 907.50)

Ideally suited as high-quality research, which – in the form of a PME – is used as the basis for modern health and safety policy. This product is available on a project basis for 3 months. This includes the use of the validated questionnaire + online assessment tool (you can carry out the entire survey yourself without research and ICT knowledge):

  • 1 study per project license
  • Project license is valid for 3 months: € 750 (at the start)
  • Per completed questionnaire: € 7 (subsequent calculation)
  • Per optional dashboard: € 99 (subsequent calculation)
  • Substantive help: 1 hour
  • Technical support
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT
  • Read more abouw the research topics and product specifications here
  • Read how EnergyCompass PME works


An action focused psychosocial check-up

EnergyCompass Health&Wellbeing has been developed by professor Wilmar Schaufeli and contains the most important psychosocial and work environment risks for poor employee health and wellbeing. The information from EnergyCompass Health&Wellbeing can be used for an effective (preventive) health and safety policy.

Insight into well-being, health and risks

In addition to relevant job demands and resources and (physical and psychological) health aspects, EnergyCompass Health&Wellbeing also pays attention to the lifestyle and employability of employees.

Suitable as psychosocial screening

EnergyCompass Health&Wellbeing mainly focuses on the psychosocial and general health of employees. In organisations where employees are exposed to specific physical loads (such as noise), additional research (e.g. on hearing damage) may be advisable.

Identification of individual risks

It is possible that physical and mental health problems, such as musculo…have been detected for employees. These employees will be recommended to contact the company doctor. Of course, data from individual employees will not be shared with the organisation.

Fixed research costs

When you purchase EnergyCompass PME, you will receive 3 months access to the validated questionnaire + online research tool. During this period, in addition to the manual, you will also receive useful tips from Prof. Dr. Wilmar Schaufeli. The fixed costs will be charged at the start of the research period: € 750 (ex. VAT). We advise you to repeat the survey annually to keep a grip on trends and developments in your organisation. You will receive a suitable offer from us 6 months after the first purchase.

Variable costs

After completing your research you pay:

  • Costs per complete (per fully completed questionnaire): € 7
  • Costs per dashboard (at department or organization level, minimum 7 persons): € 99

Read more about the research themes and product specifications here


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